A Little About Us

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Where We Came From

One thing you may not know is, we are a couple and have a love story of our own! We are originally from NY (Paul from Upstate and Breezy from Westchester) who met in college and couldn’t resist falling in love. We started as friends and eventually our friendship transformed into an amazingly fun, adventurous and adoring relationship. 

How We Got Here

We moved to Denver a little over two years ago in search of a more outdoorsy and laid-back lifestyle. We knew Denver would be a great place to live but never imagined how much we would grow to love our community!  

What We Do

On The Weekends

You can often find us adventuring through Colorado, at your local brewery sipping IPA’s and immersing ourselves in all that Denver has to offer. We love taking outrageously long drives for short weekend trips and exploring new parts of Colorado and the surrounding states. In the winters you’ll find us battling I70 traffic to shred the slopes. In the summers we escape the city heat and adventure our way to alpine lakes and hidden waterfalls. Whenever we have a chance, we search for the best hot springs in every location we travel to. In case it wasn’t clear, WE LOVE COLORADO!

What Drives Us

Our love of Colorado and our passion for photo booths is what drives us to deliver the highest quality and most personalized photo booth experience in the state. We hope to become an integral part of our community and what better way than by helping others capture love, fun and memories on their big day.

How Memory Booth Came To Be

We’ve always had a passion for taking hilariously goofy photo booth pictures. Literally every time a booth presented itself, whether it was at a wedding or in the mall, we’ve always taken the opportunity to capture those memories. After moving to Colorado, we were looking to start a business that we could do together. In looking through our growing stash of photo booth printouts, we became inspired and thought it would be perfect to share our love for photo boothing by starting our own company! 

Our Roles For Memory Booth

Paul Layton

Photo Booth Guru

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Some might tell you that I'm the boring business and numbers guy in this operation, but I'm a person too. 

My role requires both brains and brawn for the Memory Booth. With my background in finance, I’m the go-to guy for making big business decisions and crunching the numbers. I’ve done extensive research on the best photo booth technology and software, which means you’re getting THE BEST quality product when you hire us. I handle most of the tech and lens work and I’m the one you’ll see lugging the booth from place to place! 

Breezy Good

Photo Booth Ninja

custom photos and prints

I make this ish look good! I am the creative director, visionary and social media head honcho. I am curator of "all things props" and I help bring your visions to life! I hand make most (if not all) of our props in house which means there is no limit when it comes to your vision and your theme ideas. Making the props is one of my favorite things to do for the biz and there's nothing I love more than going ALL OUT on a theme idea and seeing it all come together!

The Memory Booth

The Workhorse

open air photo booth with printer

These two people listed above me take all the credit but I'm really the one doing all of the work. I was first created by Photo Booth Emporium but Paul and Breezy have turned me into the Memory Booth. I am so excited to be a part of this company because we aren't the boring cookie cutter type of booth. I hope we get to meet each other soon!