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The Greatest Showman vs. Kid Friendly Circus Photo Booth

"Circus" is a blanket theme that be carried out in a ton of different ways. Do you want vintage circus or bright and colorful kid circus. A circus theme more along the lines of "The Greatest Showman" and Cirque Du Soleil or more along the lines of funny party clowns and bold balloons? There are so many different ways to take this theme and run with it and we recently had the pleasure of executing two very different photo booth experiences for circus themed events.

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Prepping the night before our KUMON Circus event. Ensuring every detail was good to go for the event.

Our First event was for a local Math and Reading program called KUMON. The event was an end of year party to celebrate the success of the kids in the program and for the families and students to let loose and have a little fun! For this event we chose bright colors, fun family friendly props and a background that was bold and youthful.

We also wanted to personalize the props not only to their circus theme but also to their program so we did a little play on words and came up with a few props that did that perfectly!

A few of our favorite props were a big swirl lollipop, two tickets to the circus, a dare devil helmet paired with a "dare devil" pointer, a clown mallet and some clown attire (yes of course a clown nose), and by far our favorite was a Ring of Fire made in house. (Breezy loves her arts and crafts!) Most of these were still used for the second circus event however they were curated differently to appeal to a more adult crowd. (You'll see the difference below!)

Ring of Fire, Tiger Head Prop, prop table, circus theme event, kids circus, prop overflow,

The kids and their families had so much fun putting together the props and creating story lines in their photo booth photos. Even the staff had time to hop in the booth and take some awesome pictures and we loved seeing all of the smiling faces in our Photo Booth.

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The next event was for a PING Identity Company 2019 Kick Off Party. Although we were able to use a lot of the same props, we edited them to appeal to a more mature crowd. We wanted this booth to be more upscale and more "Greatest Showman-like" as the hosts requested.

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photo booth backdrop, personalized backdrop, one of a kind, one of a kind props

For this event we decided to go with darker elements and have a more sophisticated background. We chose velvet curtains tied back with gold rope to make it look like a real theater/circus show curtain being drawn back to start the show! The black paper was placed behind to make the photos look more seamless.

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The props were made with more vintage looking fonts, colors and shapes to partner with the feel of the booth but I also was able to reuse the other circus themed props that fit within the more upscale feel. What I loved about this company and this event was almost everyone came dressed up in circus attire. Some came as mimes, some as ringleaders, some as dare devils and strong men. There was even a bearded lady that made an appearance in our booth!

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