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DIY Photo Booth

You’ve probably landed on this blog because you want to learn how to create your own photo booth for a special event you have coming up. It could be a great way to save some money! I encourage you to check out some youtube videos if this is something you’re seriously considering, but before you do that please check out this blog post! 

Are you thinking, "Stop wasting my time and tell me how to do it!" Well, I get it but this blog is actually going to tell you why you shouldn’t build one yourself! 

Before I started this business I did countless hours of research and how to properly set up a photo booth with the best software, best camera, best props, etc… There were a lot of late nights of sitting on the couch staring at my computer screen trying to figure out how the heck this whole thing really works. How does the software work with the the tablet and how does the tablet communicate with the camera and then how does the external flash work? I came to learn a lot about things like aperture, ISO, hot shoes, strobe flashes and many more things. Some people love to expand their knowledge but are these things really interesting to you? 

See the middle bulb? There's a black dot that kept getting larger. I was worried this could ruin the flash. I learned to just keep off the modeling light and the strobe would still work.

If you’re okay with taking all the time to learn everything you need to know about a DIY photo booth, then make sure you give yourself plenty of test runs. These should be done weeks, if not months out from your big day. Sometimes you’ll need to replace faulty wires or lights, replace batteries that don’t seem to hold power or maybe just troubleshoot why your software is freezing. 

Speaking of freezing photo booth software, we ran plenty of test runs before our very first event but lo and behold the test runs on the day of proved to be my worst nightmare. The software was freezing after the first picture every time. No matter how many times I deleted the software, reinstalled it and restarted the tablet, still no dice. After hours and hours, I finally was able to make it work. Who would’ve thought the USB wire leading to the printer would cause the issue to for the software to freeze? Unbelievable. 

Or were you thinking about a Polaroid or selfie stick “booth”? These are awesome options if you’re main concern is low cost, low maintenance. Please please please whatever you do - make sure you’re also thinking about lighting!! I personally attended a wedding where the bride and groom wanted to do a Polaroid booth. They set up this awesome photo scene with frames, a couch, old hats, rustic crates etc. It looked so good in person but the translation to photograph fell WAY short. The polaroids came out black and the low cost, low maintenance booth ended up not even being used. 

I don’t want you worrying about a photo booth on your wedding day or the days leading up. There is soooo much planning that needs to happen for your big day, you shouldn’t have the burden of a photo booth on your mind. Hire a professional! If you want to learn more about Memory Booth’s services, click here:

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